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The Job interview in & outside academia

Congratulations – you have got an invitation to a job interview! But do you know what exactly is going to expect you during the interview and how to present yourself there?

A suitable preparation will help you to navigate through a job interview successfully and also to deal with the possibly difficult or even unpleasant parts of the interview. In addition, you will find out whether the position and the conditions might suit your expectations.

In the workshop the participants familiarise themselves with the most important types and phases of a job interview. They learn what it takes to prepare for a job interview and identify possible individual stumbling blocks. The following topics are at the core of this workshop:

  • My qualification profile:
    How do I show my potential?
  • The job interview:
    What do I have to expect?
  • Stress interviews and assessment centres:
    Grin and bear it!
  • Pecunia non olet:
    Skilful salary negotiations
  • The job interview:
    My next steps

Instructor: The workshop is instructed by Dr. Simon Golin, Hamburg, head of the consultancy company Golin Wissenschaftsmanagement. For more than 20 years now he has been involved with not-for-profit management – with a focus on science, education and the foundation sector. Amongst other things, he has been managing director of the “Deutscher Studienpreis” at the Körber foundation, secretary general of the German National Ethics Council and secretary general of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg.

Info: The workshop will take place at Universitetsparken 2, class room U1 (10.3.386 -  building 10). Max number of participants is 20.

The workshop is open to all PhD students from MoMeD/CCR/DRA, however, PCAP students have first priority!

Sign up before 1 June 2017: Sign up for the workshop here