Sort out scientific writing: 2-day workshop – University of Copenhagen

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Sort out scientific writing: 2-day workshop

Clear, concise and effective writing is crucial for successful communication. The first step towards success is to explore the characteristics of scientific writing and to understand the rationale behind them. Based on examples from participants’ own work, we’ll look at what to do—and what not to do—to make writing easier, more effective and compelling.


• How to achieve an academic style
• How to make writing more readable
• How to avoid using too many words
• How to increase your vocabulary
• How to avoid common errors
• How to use commas correctly!

The material will be based on participants’ own work, so writing examples, from all participants, should be sent to Carol approx. 3 weeks before the Workshop day. Mistake themes will be identified with guidance on how to avoid the mistakes and practice exercises. Lastly, participants will correct their own work in plenum. The practice exercises will be based on published articles relevant to the research area.

Practicalities and sign up

12 participants Max, students late in their studies will have first priorities

Teacher: Carol Bang-Christensen
23 January 2018 (09:30–16:00) + 30 January 2018 (09:30–12:30)

Location: BRIC, Ole Maaløes Vej 5, DK-2200 Copenhagen N. Seminar room (2nd floor)

Sign up: closed

The workshop is open to all PhD students from MoMeD/CCR/DRA, however, PCAP students have first priority!