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The head and Coordinator of PCAP is Anders H. Lund

The Steering Committee is the decision-making body of PCAP and will consist of all 3 Graduate Program Directors, administrative coordinators and student representatives.

The Steering Committee will oversee the activity and progress of PCAP. In case of deviations from the planned work, the Steering Committee will evaluate the causes and propose solutions to the Coordinator. Each member will have 1 vote and decisions will be made by majority vote. In case of a split committee the Coordinator will have the final vote.

Members of the Steering Committee:

Drug Research Academy (DRA)

Professor Hans Bräuner-Osborne 


phone: +45  39 17 96 59

Administrative DRA Coordinator:

Marianne W. Jørgensen


phone: +45  35 33 64 49

Molecular Mechanism of Disease (MoMeD)

Professor Anders H. Lund


phone: +45  35 32 56 57

Administrative MoMeD Coordinator:

Anne S. Vognsen


phone: +45  35 32 57 13

Clinical Cancer Research (CCR)

Professor Inge Marie Svane


phone:+45  38 68 21 31

Administrative CCR Coordinator;

Mette Wassard Yde

phone: +45  38 68 93 39

The PCAP Coordinator (Anders Lund) is the executive entity responsible for day-to-day decisions. The Coordinator is responsible for the fulfilment of the POs and will collaborate with the Graduate School in executing the TSs. The Coordinator will discuss with the Steering Committee at formalized meetings or whenever necessary to assure proper progression of the program activities.