Career awareness and competency mapping for PhD students – University of Copenhagen

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Career awareness and competency mapping for PhD students

In this workshop we will be discussing career awareness and how this is essential for making career choices and as well as for preparing for the transition to your next job.

After this workshop you will:

  • Know what it means to be career aware
  • Have worked on beginning to identify your skills and competences
  • Know how  to think about and prepare for your next career step during your current position.
  • Know more about the job market and employer requirements
  • Be able to identify your aspirations for your next career step and the qualities and capabilities required to be successful

Instructor: The workshop will be conducted by Vibeke Broe, Career Consultant for PhDs and Junior researchers, Aarhus University (AU).

Practicalities and sign up
The workshop will have room for 25 participants, first come first served
basis. Refreshments will be provided. 

Location: BRIC, Seminar room (2nd floor),  

Sign up before September 15th

sign up: Closed

The workshop is open to all PhD students from MoMeD/CCR/DRA, however, PCAP students have first priority!