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Illustrator - Basic to advanced training

Workshop 27 February 2018 09.00-16.00

Adobe Illustrator is a standard tool at many institutions, used for drawing figures, designs and layouts for posters etc. This workshop is for beginners, having their first experience with the program. 

 At the workshop you will be introduced to: 

  • The basic overview of the program.
  • How to handle and use ‘Workspaces’ and ‘art boards’.
  • Learn how to handle the "Pen Tool" to be able to create the shapes you want. 
  • How to create exciting shapes with Illustrator's normal geometric shapes by assembling them into finished artwork.
  • How to get a grip on the panel ‘appearance’ so you can give your shape just the "look" you are going for.
  • How to give your shapes a 3D look with Gradient Mesh and 3D resolve.
  • Introduction to shape design of cells, cancer, virus and other relevant shapes like HPV etc.
  • Use of masks
  • Be effective and have the opportunity to be super creative with the text tool.

Instructor: The workshop is instructed by Jimmy Machon. Jimmy is Adobe certificated expert and instructor and one of the few Apple certified trainers in Denmark. Jimmy also has experience in teaching in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effect, Animate CC and Final Cut Pro. 

Info: The workshop will take place in room U23 at Jagtvej 160, 2100 Copenhagen. Max number of participants is 20.

Participant are expected to bring own laptop with the programme.

The workshop is open to all PhD students from MoMeD/CCR/DRA, however PCAP students have first priority!

Sign up before 15 february 2018: Sign up for the workshop here