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Scientific Poster Design

Scientific Poster Design 
– creating a communication tool for networking and feedback

The purpose of a scientific poster is to disseminate your work in progress, intrigue your peers and create new networking possibilities. Therefore, the poster mustn't resemble a journal article, pinned to a screen. Instead, it should be a billboard, showcasing your ideas, project & work in progress, while sending an invitation to discussion & interaction. 

In this two-part course, you will start by laying the foundation for a more effective, task-oriented design process. After finishing your poster at home, you will meet the workshop leader and the group again for friendly and practical feedback in a safe environment, based on discussion and hands-on advice.

• Communication in general—five principles (including some notes on rhetoric).
• Understanding the WHY and HOW of scientific posters. What’s its purpose? In what context will it be used?
• The design process – analysis, planning, production, refinement.
• Useful principles of communication and graphic design.
• Designing better graphs and illustrations.
• Extending your poster with a web page.
• Excellent, bad and intermediate examples.
• Trends and novelties.


January 22nd, 2019 (9.00-16.00) and January 24th, 2019 (14.00-16.00)


Olle Bergman, M.Sc., is a communications consultant, specialising in scientific communication and science dissemination.

Participation is free of charge.
Max number of participants: 20
Registration has ended

The workshop is open to all PhD students from MoMeD/CCR/DRA, however PCAP students have first priority!

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