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Conflict management in academia - From squabbles to a culture of conflict

PCAP Workshop for supervisors

Conflicts are unavoidable in the normal course of the working life, in academia as well as outside. Whether it is about subject specific differences, competition amongst colleagues or disagreements with the boss or a PhD candidate – there are plenty of potentially explosive situations. But it does not have to come to a detonation which damages the atmosphere in the long run!

It is not difficult to deal with conflicts in a constructive manner and to solve them before they grow into a substantial problem. If conflict is neither ignored nor allowed to escalate into a personal power struggle and the own as well as the others’ motives are reflected upon, one can act consciously instead of only reacting emotionally. This way there is a chance of finding a solution with which all parties are satisfied.

This workshop conveys fundamental knowledge about dealing with conflict and trains the powers of observations as well as negotiation skills. The participants learn to better judge the impact of their behaviour and to develop strategies for solving conflicts. The workshop focus is:

  • Basics of conflict management: Subject and interpersonal levels in conflict situations
  • Give way and stop signs: Offering leeway, setting boundaries
  • Bad weather warning: Recognising conflict causes and signals in time
  • An eye for an eye until the bitter end? Win-win solutions as an alternative
  • Looking in from the outside:  Mediation as a tool for solving conflicts 
  • Conflict management: My next steps

The workshop will be conducted by Anna Royon-Weigelt, Golin Wissenschaftsmanagement, Berlin.

The workshop is offered to supervisors in PCAP. Co-supervisors are welcome, but principal supervisors will have first priority.

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