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Career Inspiration

Building your career. There are of cause no fixed templates of how to build your career. For most students career is something you start thinking about when your PhD is about to finish. But to build a network, to acquire new skills and knowledge takes time, so the sooner you start thinking about your goals and dreams for the future, the better.

How to get started?
A good place to start is to engage yourselves in different networks with expertise in career development within your field. Many Trade Unions have specific career counseling, or networks for younger researchers, offering workshops, courses or meetings within career aspects. 

Joining Alumne groups at University also connects you to others in the same situation and gives you opportunities to attend meetings and seminars arranged for alumnae.

General advice regarding job hunting in Denmark:
University of Aarhus - Career Counselling - has some very good advises regarding writing a CV and cover letter, networking, the job interview etc. Read more...